Professional Headshot Photographer


How YOUR Public Perceives YOUR Personal Headshot

Often in times of business, we see the value in getting a business headshot done.  When this time comes, we search high and low, or maybe through a referral from a friend, to find that perfect headshot at what we determine is the perfect price.

Often times, we wind up redoing our headshot because it doesn’t speak to the public the way we way we had originally desired.  Then we go back to the drawing board to find another.  In my experience, many have gone to a “headshot factory” to get it done at $19.95, then realize all their friends did the same thing to save a few bucks.  The disaster of that is that the photographers for most “factories” are amateurs.

Why do we do this?  The answer is that the public views you differently than you view yourself.  You may wind up tearing yourself apart thinking from your own personal values. However, the public thinks very differently.  They look into your eyes.

Imagine all the headshots you see on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  Some pose with their dog or cat.  Some with their families.  Some with a busy background.  Who can find your eyes in those photos?

Your public makes a split second decision about you based on their instincts.  If they perceive correctly, your photo can have a powerful effect on them.  Powerful enough to influence them that you just might be the right person for them.  It’s how they “feel” when looking at you.

The headshots we take use a brilliant white background because we know the background can be distracting to the main focal point. The EYES.  The eyes can show whether you can be trusted or not.  The public is aware if you’re hiding from them or not.  Another thing about the public is that they notice if your headshot is not updated.  If they see you online, but view you differently when they meet you in person, the ingredient here is a disconnect.  

We, at Whitehot Headshot, are lighting experts and we make a point of helping you leave our studio causing your potential client to “FEEL” good about your photo.  When you think of the potential revenue lost from a bad headshot, it can make you rethink where your priorities lie.

A final thought about headshots.  How do you want to be perceived by your public?  A corporate headshot is very different from a glamour headshot, or a model headshot.  If you want a business headshot, but try for a glamour headshot, you will lose the public you desire.

Thanks for listening.  Call us and get the headshot you REALLY want.  Your future revenue may depend on that.