Professional Headshot Photographer


So You Don’t Like to Smile …

That’s a conundrum for me.  A conundrum is “a confusing and difficult problem or question”.  A conundrum is “a question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer: a riddle”.

Imagine that you make the call for your own personal, professional headshot.  You want to show your community that you are a nice person; you want to grow your business; you want to clarify your brand;  etc.

So, here’s the negative.  You look in the mirror at the person you are and you don’t like yourself.  How can that attitude help your business grow?  

When you’re with friends, laughing and joking, you always smile because your heart is full of enjoyment.  THAT is what your public wants.  

So, the conundrum is “why can’t you carry that same pleasure into your personal brand”?  Understand that you come for your personal headshot, and not to pose.  A pose is contrived and unnatural.  

Your smile is proof that you like people.  If you don’t smile, they (your public) knows it and you just lost business.  Unless you like losing business or don’t care, why would you come get a professional headshot?