Professional Headshot Photographer


The “EYES” Have It

When I look into your eyes, what do I see?  I see many personalities when I photograph them.  Who are you when you come see me?

Your eyes express so many adjectives: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Vulnerability, Rejection, Insecurity, and many others.

The truth is, your eyes show a certain trust.  Is your trust only for a kept few, or for everyone?  I know it is difficult at time to convey freedom in your expressions. 

In the cynical world we live in today, people are searching for someone to trust.  Are you that person?

At Whitehot Headshot, we are more than just a photography company taking photographs.  We wait for that precise moment to capture your essence in a photograph.  Anyone who knows lighting can take a good photograph, but it takes exceptional talent and heart to pull your best self through the camera to share with your public.  

Remember, a good headshot is NOT about how you see yourself.  It is about how you present yourself; about how your public “perceives” you.  Even with all your imperfections, your “public” is looking at your EYES to see how your photo makes them feel.

People don’t necessarily buy based on strategies, needs, or details.  They buy based on feelings.  “Ooh, I like that pretty red car”, or “Ooh, that jewelry is gorgeous”, etc.

When it comes to headshots, Whitehot Headshot has been a 5-star revelation for so many.  People call, schedule, and come get their great headshot.  Our Whitehot Headshot clients know a good headshot.  

Thanks to all who have visited our studio in Greenfield, Indiana.  Please remember to update your headshot every 12-18 months.  Your public wants fresh all the time.