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Thinking About a New Headshot for the New Year?

Thinking about a new headshot to start off your new year?  Call it your “JANUARY” – a time of new beginnings.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Does your headshot look awkward? The smile? The eyes? The angle?

2.  Did a family friend photograph it? Experience has those people returning to get another headshot for obvious reasons.

3.  Does your headshot have lots of background distractions in it? Not a good idea. People need to see into your eyes.

4.  Do you want to gain more business? Wise business decisions start with your best tool; YOUR FACE!

5.  Do you want a spirit of excellence in your business? 

6.  Did you know that the public looks at your photograph and DECIDES ON YOU based on how they feel when they look at your image? That should encourage you not to “settle” on second best.

I recently met a man who said he liked his headshot. When it was observed by several people, they said he looked “far away”, “non-engaging”, and the lighting was not good (almost blown out). Their opinion was that they would not initially call him based on that photograph. He didn’t look trustworthy in his eyes. Maybe the public sees you different than you think of yourself. What you say speaks less about you than what the public perceives about you. AND THEY ARE YOUR BUYERS.

Your headshot DOES make a difference. Looking for the cheapest avenue to get them done will only move your potential clients to look elsewhere for your business. Capturing the heart of a client in your initial photo does make a difference.

It does take a professional to get that look that your public can trust. Just pointing a camera at you doesn’t get you the professional headshot that your “unknown” public may be viewing.

Are you ready to start your new year off correctly? The value of a new headshot can launch you into a new growth spurt. 

Make that change today. Make it your JANUARY! The new year is around the corner.  Just like your future.

At Whitehot Headshot, We Put Your Best Face Forward.